1979-1989 (English)

Actievoerders bevrijden konijnen

Actions carried out by the Animal Liberation Front and related organizations/groups. This list is a representation of the known actions and the public sources, as well as anonymous sources, were hereby consulted. No assurance can be given about the complete correctness of the information. It is not known how many actions have been carried out that are not included in this list.


1979-12-26 (Zeist)
Animal testing, liberation at TNO, ALF
– 12 dogs liberated during “Operation Snoopy” as the first action of the Animal Liberation Front in the Netherlands.


1980-03-15 (Several cities)
Fur, liberation at fur farms, ALF
– The ALF freed 70 mink and 5 foxes from breeding farms in Lunteren, Otterlo, Bennekom, Ede and Achterberg. Owner D. Richardson of 2 farms in Lunteren where 32 minks were freed, says the action is meaningless because the animals cannot survive in the wild.

1980-03-22 (Haren)
Animal testing, letters delivered to neighbours of professor, ALF
– Activists from the Animal Liberation Front have delivered in Haren door-to-door letters in the living environment of the Groningen professor prof. Dr. J.P. Kruijt. In this letter Prof. Kruijt is accused of “legally torturing roosters”. The professor conducts research into the behaviour of roosters, where these come to fierce battles. These tests are mainly intended to give demonstrations in education. As a result of the action, Dr. Kruijt says he wants to look at the possibilities to give the demonstrations via video.

1980-06-06 (Several cities)
Hunting, liberation at breeding facilities and sabotage at KNJV, ALF
– In one night the Animal Liberation Front took action against hunting, and the breeding of pheasants. The pheasants are bred to be released into groups for hunting. At a pheasant breeding farm in Rockanje, 600 pheasant cages are opened, so that a few thousand pheasants ran away. At a breeding farm in Barneveld the cages of 150 pheasants were opened. Finally, 200 pheasants were liberated in Doorn. At the Koninklijke Nederlandse Jagersvereniging (Royal Dutch Hunting Organisation), the building was sprayed with anti-hunting slogans. Director of the KNJV, Theo Veen, says: “For me, such an action falls into the same category as terrorism”.

1980-08-01 (Best)
Intensive farming, liberation at breeding farm, ALF
– Animal liberators have freed 30 chickens from a battery farm in Best. These 30 stand, according to the ALF, symbol for the 30 million chickens that are in the battery farms every year. The animals are lovingly taken care of in safe houses. The activists chose Best because there would be a new farm with 600,000 chickens, despite strong protest from local residents, who ultimately called in the help of the Animal Liberation Front.

1980-09-05 (Bennekom)
Private farm, liberation at farmer, ALF
– Eight members of the Animal Liberation Front have stolen a sheep, a ram, a pony and a lamb from the Lower House member Koekoek. The activists have taken this action because the animals would be in bad shape. Koekoek is the founder of the Boerenpartij, which eventually changed its name to the “Rechtse Volkspartij” (Right-wing Peoples party).


1981-02-23 (Zeist)
Animal testing, liberation at TNO, ALF
– 21 cats are freed by the Animal Liberation Front at TNO. According to a spokesperson, these are lovingly taken care of in families.

1981-10-24 (Boekelo)
Equestrian sport, sabotage at the Military, ALF
– At the Military in Boekelo, the ALF sabotaged the obstacles for the horse competition by sawing through them. The sabotage was discovered early and therefore the race could continue after some delay.

1982-05-05 (Soesterberg)
Animal testing, liberation at TNO, ALF
– The ALF freed 6 cats from the Institute for Sensory Physiology. The cats are taken care of by private individuals. One of the cats has escaped.

1982-05-22 (Vorden)
Hunting, sabotage at the KNJV, ALF
– The Animal Liberation Front has stolen 120 hunting trophies from the exhibition in Vorden. This exhibition was held by the KNJV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Jagersvereniging – Royal Dutch Hunting Organisation). Part of the trophies has been found in the Rijn at Oosterbeek.

1982-08-17 (Biddinghuizen)
Hunting, sabotage at the Flevohof, ALF
– The ALF tried to sabotage a fishing competition at the Flevohof. However, the damage was so minimal that the match could still go ahead after some recovery.

1982-11-18 (Several cities)
Fur, sabotage at fur farms, ALF
– At several farms in Renswoude, Rosmalen, Urk, Volkel and Elsendorp, a total of more than 500 foxes were sprayed with (harmless for the animals) paint. As a result, the fur has become worthless for the fur traders.

1982-12-20 (Several cities)
Intensive farming, liberation at breeding farms, ALF
– In one night the ALF liberated one hundred rabbits from two breeding farms in Someren and Beers. Both companies confirm the theft. The animal liberators declare to have carried out the action due to the approaching Christmas days, and because many people do not know that rabbits are also kept in factory farms. 1 person was arrested when transporting some of the rabbits.


1983-06-20 (Utrecht)
Animal testing, sabotage at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, ALF
– At the physiological laboratory of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, sabotage was carried out for 15,000 guilders last night. This in protest against the endurance tests that would be performed on dogs. Data from experiments have also been stolen.

1983-07-05 (Nistelrode)
Animal testing, liberation at Organon, ALF
– The ALF has removed 6 ponies that are used by Organon for the production of a pregnancy hormone. According to the ALF, approximately 30 litres of blood are being drained every month from the animals.

1983-10-31 (Ulvenhout)
Hunting, sabotage at Laurentiuskerk, ALF
– The interior of the Laurentius church in Ulvenhout is smeared. The ALF made a protest against the Hubertus celebration that would take place the next day. With this a signal was given against hunting in general and the cooperation of the church to the Hubertus celebration.

1983-12-20 (Several cities)
Fur, sabotage at fur-selling companies, ALF
– Approximately 20 activists operating under the name of the ALF have glued the locks of doors, roller shutters and fences from close to +/- 200 shops. They advise the stores to hang a sign with ” closed because of death ”.

1983-12-23 (Several cities)
Intensive farming, threat, ALF
– In 7 cities meat was injected by animal liberators with a life-threatening poison (strychnine). This would be the case in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Zwolle, Arnhem, Eindhoven and Utrecht. The Ministry of Health decided to keep the threat silent, but it was in a supreme state of readiness. It turned out to be an empty threat, to ensure that the meat would disappear from the shelves.


1984-04-23 (Venlo)
Fur, theft at swamp beaver breeder, ALF
– The ALF has confiscated documents about the breeding of swamp beavers for their fur during a raid at a beaver farm. This breeder is seen as the brain behind the breeding of swamp beavers in the Netherlands. The ALF wants to send the documents to all animal protection organizations.

1984-05-13 (Zeist)
Animal testing, liberation at TNO, ALF
– In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the ALF broke into TNO where they freed 30 beagles. All beagles are accommodated with host families.

1984-08-26 (Several cities)
Fur, liberation at swamp beaver farms, ALF
– Several hundred swamp beavers have been liberated at breeding farms in Groesbeek, Oostermeer and De Klomp. The animals are released in suitable locations (where they must be able to survive according to research by the activists).

1984-09-** (Leiden)
Fur, threat at fur store Van Egmond, ALF
– Sam van Egmond was phoned with the threat that “the whole thing would be smashed up and fur coats would be damaged” when he attended the fashion show in the Stadsgehoorzaal. As a result of this phone call Van Egmond will not participate in the show.

1984-09-02 (Several cities)
Fur, liberation at fur farms, ALF
– A total of about 80 chinchillas were removed from two breeding farms. These breeding farms are in Hulshorst and Leunen. Afterwards, the ALF ensured that the chinchillas were accommodated with host families.

1984-10-14 (Several cities)
Hunting, sabotage of hunting shacks and theft, ALF
– The ALF claims to have destroyed 19 hunting shacks at the Twickel estate in Twente, the state wildlife reserve at Apeldoorn, in Deelen, in Otterlo, Valkenswaard and Elsendorp. Also the animal liberators broke into the Horsten in Wassenaar on royal estate and a number of trophies (17) as well as a hunting painting were stolen. ** Remarkably, at that time the royal family always denied participating in the hunt, but the ALF found evidence that they were participating**

1984-12-25 (Several cities)
Intensive farming, sabotage at restaurants, ALF
– Stinking stuff was used in restaurants in several cities. This happened in Amsterdam, Hilversum, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Gouda, Loosdrecht and Oosterbeek, among others. It was a protest of the ALF against frog legs, but also against the pigeon and turtle soup, ostrich steak and quail eggs. People were arrested in both Gouda (two people) and Amstelveen (three people).


1985-02-04 (Leeuwarden)
Fur/meat, sabotage at fur store and butchers, L. der M.
– In solidarity with the activists of the Animal Liberation Front, who were arrested in the wave of arrests earlier this year (with the ALF declaring an action stop for the rest of the year), action group ” de Laatsten der Mohikanen” (the Last of the Mohicans) has thrown a stone through the window of clothing store Hettema on the Voorstreek in protest against the sale of fur. The same action would have been carried out at different butchers in the city.

1985-04-05 (Leeuwarden)
Fur/meat, sabotage at fur store and butcher, L. Der M.
– Once again, the Hettema clothing store has become the target of activists. The window, which was partly destroyed in the previous action, was now completely destroyed. Also at butchery Henk de Bruin on the Noorderweg, a stone was thrown into the window.

1985-02-18 (Leeuwarden)
Meat, sabotage at butchers, L. Der M.
– At 4 butchers and a poulterer, the windows were thrown around 04.30. The damage is estimated around 10,000 guilders.

1985-04-05 (Leeuwarden)
Meat, sabotage at butchers, L. Der M.
– A total of 11 windows were smashed at 5 butchers. Action group ‘’de Laatsten der Mohikanen’’ claims the responsibility for this. Butcher F. van Zandbergen says that it is the third time in a short period that his store has become the target of actions; the damage is in the thousands of guilders.

1985-11-12 (Weurt)
Fur, sabotage at firma Burgers, ALF
– Around 200 foxes have been sprayed with red and blue paint by the ALF, making their coats worthless. The breeder has thus incurred 20,000 guilders in damages. It is remarkable that the ALF specifies a different breeder than where the damage occurred. The owner, firma Burgers, filed a complaint a few days later.


1986-**-** (Bennekom)
Private farm, liberation at farmer Koekoek, ALF
– This year, 6 animal liberators from Arnhem have announced that they have stolen a pony, a goat and some fallow deer and various chains of farmer H. Koekoek over the past six months. A pony has also been released and the windows of the house have been thrown in.

1986-**-** (Amsterdam)
Fur, sabotage at fur-shops, Action group unknown
– This year, three activists have glued/destroyed the locks of all fur-selling businesses. The windows are also covered with red paint.

1986-01-11 (Kampen)
Hunting, liberation during hunt, Kr. F.
– A playful campaign by Stichting Kritisch Faunabeheer ended in a battle when about 50 activists wanted to take the geese with which three hunters were hunting. The hunters tried to prevent the (tame) geese from being taken out of their way, with heavy blows falling over and over again. One of the hunters ended up in the hospital with a double jaw fracture and the equipment of a television crew was wrecked, worth 10,000 guilders, by a practitioner of the hunt.

1986-01-17 (Amersfoort)
Hunting, theft at the KNJV, Action group unknown
– Activists steal the administration (including correspondence and membership administration) from the KNJV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Jagersvereniging). Twenty-five members participate in the invasion, and 12 people ultimately had to account for the judge. A booklet has been made of the collected information.

1986-02-13 (Bergen)
Pest control, sabotage at Flower bulb company N. Van Schagen, ALF
– Flower bulb company N. van Schagen uses dead crows as a deterrent against living peers.
They are hung like scarecrows on the bulb fields. As a protest against this, the ALF filed the dead crows at the company in the letterbox. Several dozen other dead crows were taken away from the company and deposited on the pavement of the city hall in Bergen. The owner of the company calls it “Nazi methods”.

1986-09-04 (Veenendaal)
Pigeon racing, theft at NPO, ALF
– The Animal Liberation Front has stolen part of the administration at the Nederlandse Postduivenhouders Organisatie (Dutch Mail-pigeonkeepers Organisation). This protest is due to a “disaster flight” in June, when 40,000 pigeons have not returned. The ALF says that an annual quarter of a million pigeons perish in these kinds of competitions.

1986-09-14 (Several cities)
Intensive farming, liberation at battery farms, ALF
– The ALF has removed 400 chickens from two battery farms in Didam and Best. The owner of one of the battery cages says he does not miss chickens, while recordings have been made fom this specific battery farm. The other owner has made a declaration. The chickens are received in host families.

1986-09-21 (Amsterdam)
Fur, sabotage at fur stores, ALF
– In the night of 20 to 21 September, the locks were glued together with metal glue at 17 locations in Amsterdam and posters were stuck on the window with water glass. Where fur workers live with more people in one house, action has not been taken to prevent innocent people get hurt.

1986-10-** (Den Haag)
Circus, sabotage at circus Mullens, Action group unknown
– Unknown animal lovers have destroyed wooden billboards of circus Mullens, everywhere in the center of The Hague. Posters were painted over or removed from the walls. But that was not all; the painted canopy of the circus was sprayed with texts in the middle of the night. Documents from the circus and a bin with reservations were taken from the cash register. Some cars were also locked up.

1986-11-07 (Wageningen)
Animal testing, liberation at Biotechnion, ALF
– Animal liberators have tried to liberate animals from the small-animal labs of the Wageningen agricultural university. The action was prevented by the police, who discovered two activists in the basement of the building, where they were fetching rabbits from their lofts. Elsewhere in the building three people were arrested.

1986-11-26 (Warnsveld)
Pigeon race, liberation at Ponderosa, ALF
– At the International pigeon breeding center Ponderosa, some expensive pigeons have been removed in protest against the pigeon sport. These pigeons are housed at various safe addresses, to be released later.

1986-12-** (Wekerom)
Hunting, sabotage of hunting cabins, ALF
– Around Christmas, activists destroyed three hunting huts and made two foxholes unusable on the estate of Valouwe. The 5 objects were all around and in one field.

1986-12-** (Ede)
Hunting, arson and sabotage of hunting objects, ALF
– In the municipal forest of Ede, the club house of a hunting club was set on fire during Christmas and two high-sitters were brought down.

1986-12-07 (Nootdorp)
Fur, sabotage at mink farm Den Hollander, Radikale Dierenbevrijders
– At 5 o’clock in the morning, activists under the name “Radikale Dierenbevrijders” broke into the mink farm Den Hollander. Dead minks were removed from the freezer and sprayed with paint, making them worthless. The gas coffin was destroyed and a tractor was driven into the ditch. Parts of the administration were included and the breeding administration was also deposited in the ditch, making the breeding plan of the 1500 minks worthless. Slogans were left behind like “The winter painter has come by” and “Radical Animal Liberators”. The activists want a ban. The Den Hollander family is shocked and speaks of considerable damage, and “many memories have now been destroyed”.

1986-12-12 (Alkmaar)
Pest control, sabotage at recidence of the Hoogovens, ALF
– Eight catch cages for stray cats have been removed by the Animal Liberation Front from the Casa Arosa home of the Hoogovens. In spite of protest by the residents, the police were placed to put an end to the amount of stray cats in the neighborhood. A “euthanasia commission” then decides whether the cats will continue to live or not. The cages now will be used to catch stray cats and release them after sterilization.


1987-**-** (Alkmaar)
Intensive farming, letter concerning member of parliament L. Duyn & manager, ALF
– In TV recordings around the elections, a forbidden birth jack was used for the birth of a calf. The ALF has therefore requested written prosecution from parliament member L. Duyn from Middenbeemster and his manager. The duty officer of the Public Prosecutor sent a proposal for a settlement of 200 guilders to the CDA member of parliament. Duyn admits that he knew that the use of a birth jack is illegal.

1987-01-26 (Nederasselt)
Fur, theft at Hudson’s Bay and Annings B.V./NFE, ALF
– After an earlier failed attempt, the ALF broke into what they thought was the NFE (Nederlandse Federatie van Edelpelsdierenhouders). This turned out to have only one room in the building, making the stolen administration of the Hudson’s Bay and Annings B.V. (also operating for the fur industry) instead. The entire administration was taken, including the original papers for the February auction of pelts in London. Although people were arrested afterwards, the administration remained out of the hands of the police, and the ALF could still speak of a successful action.

1987-04-** (Den Haag)
Fur, sabotage at fur stores, ALF
– The ALF has tackled a total of two fur traders in the Theresiastraat and the Laan van Nieuw-Oost-Indië. The front doors and shop windows have been sprayed with slogans. In red paint ,”Fur is murder”, can be read on the premises.

1987-04-30 (Utrecht)
Animal testing, liberation at the Academic Hospital, ALF
– The ALF has removed test cats from the Central Animal Laboratory of the Academic Hospital, all of which would be in poor condition. The cats are nicely taken care of. The ALF has taken this action to show what happens next to the patient’s hospital bed.

1987-05-** (IJsselstein)
Pets, liberation at barn, ALF
– Thanks to a tip from a local resident, the ALF removed three Golden Retrievers from a farm that had been kept in a poor state for six months in a barn. The dogs are accommodated at suitable addresses.

1987-05-03 (Leiden)
Fur/leather, sabotage at stores, ALF
– At two fur shops on the Nieuwe Rijn, as well as a skin shop at the Noordeinde, the windows are besmirched. The letters “DBF” (ALF) were also painted on the sidewalk.

1987-06-03 (IJsselstein)
Fur, liberation at barn, ALF
– Where the ALF earlier, thanks to a tip, has taken 3 Golden Retrievers, it came back for 20 silver foxes. The animals would be in a miserable state. One of the foxes had a number of youngsters who were only recognizable by their yapping, because of the slurry in their fur, according to the front. All the animals had a wooden box as night shelter, and stayed in homemade gauze cages, where little walking space was left. The cages were extremely dirty. All the animals are accommodated at suitable addresses. The owner states that he would only breed for the hobby and not so much for the money.

1987-10-19 (Barneveld)
Animal testing, liberation at Praktijkschool Barneveld, ALF
– On Monday evening, the ALF released approximately 200 rabbits from the “Praktijkschool Barneveld”. The school has full positions for pigs, rabbits and ducks, and the front campaign is protesting against the emergence of new forms of factory farming as a result of certain government measures.

1987-10-26 (Oss)
Intensive farming, liberation from pasture, action group unknown
– Fourteen turkeys have been removed from a pasture. The animals were fattened for Christmas. The animal liberation support group hopes they will have a better future. The police think they will be fattened further.

1987-12-22 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, sabotage at poulterer, ALF
– At at least 30 poulterers in Amsterdam, action was taken against the meat industry. The poulterers, mainly located in the eastern part of the city, had their windows covered with red
paint. Likewise, the word “Moord” (Murder) was written on the display windows in a large number of cases. The activists act specifically against the “large-scale killing of animals before Christmas”.


1988-07-17 (Veluwe)
Hunting, sabotage of hunting cabins, ALF
– In both Germany and the Netherlands hunting shacks were cut down and/or demolished. In the Netherlands this took place at various locations on the Veluwe. The ALF declares that they have carried out the action as a protest against the evasion of the national hunting laws. Hunters would visit each others countries to still be able to shoot endangered species.

1988-08-14 (Unknown)
Circus, sabotage at French National Circus, action group unknown
– The French National Circus Alexis Gruss had erected the tents with 27 horses, 2 elephants, a tiger and geese. In the night of 13 to 14 August, animal activists covered the advertising posters with “canceled due to animal abuse. Article 254 Penal Code “. More actions would follow.

1988-08-30 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, sabotage at wholesaler Veenhof, action group unknown
– Animal activists have attacked a 12 × 6 meter mural of dancing pigs on the corner of the Frederik Hendrikstraat 49 with red paint bombs. This painting was an initiative of wholesaler in pork Ton Veenhof. The activists are protesting against the unreal representation of the happy pigs. Also the shop window of the butcher is covered with paint and the locks are glued tightly. The same happened with the truck. An activist has been arrested. However, she remained anonymous. The painting has been completely destroyed and the truck has to be sprayed again. The damage would amount to 10,000 guilders.

1988-10-28 (Several cities)
Intensive farming, sabotage at slaughterhouses/butchers, action group unknown
– Activists have plastered +/- 30 butchers in the country and glued the locks. The door of a slaughterhouse in Rotterdam was smeared with red paint and the same was done in Rotterdam at the front of the building of the ”Produktschap voor Vee en Vlees” in Rijswijk.

1988-11-03 (Amsterdam)
Equestrian sector, sabotage at Jumping Amsterdam, action group unknown
– Just like before, as circus posters were already smeared, a sabotage action against Jumping Amsterdam took place in the night of 2 to 3 November. Animal activists posted the following text on the announcements: “Canceled due to animal abuse. Art. 254 Criminal Code “.

1988-12-** (Utrecht)
Intensive farming, tagging through the city, action group unknown
– Activists have decorated Utrecht with graffiti by the use of templates. A crucified turkey with the text “Christmas is wrong” was to make people think about the consumption of meat during Christmas.

1988-12-23 (Amsterdam, presumably)
Intensive farming, sabotage, action group unknown
– Activists have glued the locks closely with metal glue at almost all poulterers and a number of butchers. Windows of a few poulterers were also smashed. On windows and walls the words “Christmas is wrong”, “corpses” and “murder” were painted with red paint.

1988-12-25 (Utrecht)
Animal testing, liberation at Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, ALF
– The ALF has freed 10 dogs from the cages at the Rijksuniversiteit. The dogs were used for food testing and as teaching material for students. According to the activists, the hundreds of dogs were emaciated and some dogs had ear mite and severe tartar. A dog would have a very neglected ear infection. All dogs have been cared for and, according to the activists, housed in locations where they will live happily ever after.


1989-01-23 (Utrecht)
Fur, sabotage at fur stores, Action Direct
– Activists from the new action group “Action Dierrect” have smashed the windows at two fur shops and pelted the shops with paint. The activists hope that more people will take this initiative, in order to stop the fur industry.

1989-03-05 (Amsterdam)
Fur, arson at fur shop, action group unknown
– On Sunday night, individuals at a fur store tried to start a fire. Because of the plexiglass that was present in front of the window, this did not work out. The police arrested 5 suspects, of whom one arrested was soon set free because of lack of evidence. Another woman was also released soon because of a shortage of cells.

1989-04-26 (Amsterdam)
Fur, liberation at mink farm, action group unknown
– Animal friends have released a number of pregnant minks from an illegal mink farm near Amsterdam. They were held on a neglected site. The municipality knew about it, but it tolerated it for years. The activists have released the mink by destroying the entrance gate and cut open the cages. The mink thus gained access to nature reserve Twiske. According to the activists they were a little uncomfortable in the ditch, but soon swam into their freedom. The municipality gave the man until 01-01-1990 the time to leave. The breeder no longer wants to continue his activities.

1989-07-25 (de Steeg)
Hunting, liberation at Middachten estate, ALF
– Animal liberators of the ALF have released wild boar that were caught in a shooting range at the Middachten estate in the Steeg, near Arnhem. The hunt would be carried out by the Vierhouter hunting combination. The ALF has now taken action because on August 1st the hunt for the swine would be opened. The ALF has cut down a ‘’wild-shot high seat’’ and destroyed a fence to allow the swine to escape. This happened on the north side so that the animals would end up in the forests of Natuurmonumenten.

1989-08-29 (Lisse)
Animal testing, liberation at the laboratory for bulbs research, ALF
– The ALF took 79 rabbits from the laboratory for flower bulb research in Lisse. The animals were injected with various substances, to be able to demonstrate the presence of viruses and bacteria harmful to ornamental plants. The rabbits that were taken by the ALF, showed large swellings. The ALF has demanded the ending of the experiments, under penalty of biological warfare; deliberately spreading the bulking plant Knolcyperus, which is very harmful to bulbs.

1989-09-07 (Barneveld)
Animal testing, sabotage at testing company for cattle feed the Schaffelaar, ALF
– Activists have broken into a testing company for cattle feed in Barneveld. This company, called the Schaffelaar, is owned by Trouw & Co BV. Here they already had the entire administration and a computer packed, when 5 members were arrested. An activist would have had an agenda with him about actions in the past and the future of the ALF, but this turned out to be wrong. The activists were released after 30 hours.

1989-10-04 (Haarlem)
Intensive farming, sabotage at Gemeentelijk Slachthuis Haarlem, K.V.T.V.
– In the early hours of animal day, activists united under the name “Kwaaie Vego’s Tegen de Vleesindustrie” (K.V.T.V) protested against ‘’het Gemeentelijk Slachthuis Haarlem’’. The cars were chalked with slogans like “meat = murder” and “free all animals” etc. The tires are also punctured. The activists declare their solidarity with the ALF.

1989-10-04 (Amsterdam)
Animal industry, sabotage at multiple companies, DAF
– “Dieren Aksie Front” has pasted texts such as “murder” and “abuse” on both the windows and walls of more than 75 butchers, fur shops, fish shops, fishing shops and poulterers. Also, the locks have been glued together in all cases and cars have been destroyed and windows have been smashed at some companies.

1989-10-15 (Heteren)
Fur, sabotage at fur farms, Bont en Blauw
– Action group Bont en Blauw has sprayed a few thousand foxes and minks with blue (harmless) paint in several farms in Heteren (Gelderland), to make the coats unusable. The action group wants to draw attention to the inhumane conditions in the farms.

1989-10-18 (Austerlitz)
Animal testing, attempt to liberation at (persumably) Harlan-Sprague-Dawley, ALF
– The police arrested 8 people who were in Austerlitz entering the grounds of the animal testing lab. The police, who were on routine control when they discovered the activists, found a car in which cages were set up. The activists are suspected of stealing dogs.

1989-12-01 (Amsterdam)
Dog show, sabotage at Winner 89, DH.B.
– Action group “De Hondse Bastaarden” has protested against Winner 89, the international pedigree exhibition that will take place on 2 and 3 December in the RAI. The activists have done this as a protest against vanity-based breeding and showing with dogs, as a result of which purebred dogs suffer from physical and mental defects, while thousands of discarded
hybrid dogs are in asylum. The announcements are covered with the text: “Canceled due to animal abuse. Article 254 Penal Code “.

1989-12-13 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, sabotage at butchers/traders of exotic animals, action group unknown
– Unknown protesters have glued the locks to more than thirty butchers and traders in Amsterdam, and slogans on the windows as “murder”. The activists indicate that several actions will follow.

1989-12-19 (Several cities)
Intensive farming, sabotage at slaughterhouses, H.K.S.
– The group “Het Kalf van de Slachtbank” spread crow’s feet on the access roads at twenty slaughterhouses on the night of December 18 to December 19. The locks are also glued from the entrance gates (with the help of pins), tires were slashed and the locks were glued from cattle- and meat trucks.

1989-12-20 (Groningen)
Animal testing, liberation at Rijks Universiteit Groningen , ALF
– The ALF has released 23 seriously neglected dogs from the University of Groningen (RUG). It were about 15 beagles and 8 larger dogs. All eight larger dogs were severely malnourished. Independent veterinarians have found that the animals had 10 to 12 kilos underweight. These eight were probably domesticated dogs, given the commands that were known. The RUG says that the animals were not malnourished and says that the ALF may have done this themselves. Carcinomas and heart defects were diagnosed at some dogs. At least two dogs had seen the pancreas removed and all dogs had ear mites, severe tartar, eczema to the foot pads and feces to the fur.