1990 – 1999 (English)

Activist with rescued rabbits

Actions carried out by the Animal Liberation Front and related organizations/groups. This list is a representation of the known actions and the public sources, as well as anonymous sources, were hereby consulted. No assurance can be given about the complete correctness of the information. It is not known how many actions have been carried out that are not included in this list.


1990-01-07 (Amsterdam)
Animal testing, sabotage at University of Amsterdam, W.t.V.
– The Winterpainters against Vivisection (W.t.V.) treated the Faculty of Biology of the UvA, more specifically the Animal Physiology department, with paint. Every year, according to the activists, 26,000 animals die in tests. The activists announce they will tackle even more companies.

1990-04-11 (Nijmegen)
Fur, sabotage at fur shop, The Minks
– Action group “The Minks” have thrown a stone and a clock through the window of a fur selling store at the Burchtstraat in Nijmegen. A clock, because the activists think it’s time to stop killing the animals. The activists want to give a start for more actions.

1990-04-05 (Various cities)
Intensive farming, sabotage at fur shops, De Luis in de Pels
– In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague the locks of, according to the activists, all fur businesses are glued together.

1990-06-01 (Dwingeloo)
Intensive farming, liberation from shed of CDA-member, ALF
-The ALF freed 150 chickens from a shed of CDA member van Noord. This specific action is a protest against Noord’s attempts to stop a ban on battery cages. Van Noord has a dairy farm, is an avid hunter and also fatting up some 21,000 chicks per year.

1990-12-** (Amsterdam)
Fur, sabotage of advertisements, action group unknown
– Activists have edited “I love fur” advertising with colorful texts.

1990-12-15 (Various cities)
Fur, sabotage of advertisements, A.B.A.
– Activists of “Anti Fur Action” smeared dozens of fur billboards with red paint in a December weekend. This took place in both Heemskerk and Beverwijk. The activists ask everyone to boycott fur.

1990-12-28 (Various cities)
Fur, arson at the NFE and mink dryer, Dierenrecht Aktivisten
– In Witharen, a mink dryer has been set on fire by the action group “Dierenrecht Aktivisten”. Both the business area and part of the house (where no residents were present) went up in flames. The damage is estimated at one million guilders. In Nederasselt, the complex of the NFE (Dutch federation of furfarmers) was set on fire. Here the damage is several millions. Presumably, the activists were disturbed because flammable substances had not yet been found at various locations.


1991-03-03 (Leiden)
Fur, sabotage at fur shop van Egmond, action group unknown
– This weekend, paint was thrown three times at the fur shop ‘’van Egmond’’ at the Breestraat in Leiden.

1991-03-05 (Leiden)
Fur, sabotage at fur shop van Egmond, action group unknown
– For the fourth time in a short while, the fur shop on the Breestraat is covered with red paint. A phone call was also made to the owner of the Van Egmond store, stating that this form of action will continue as long as fur is sold.

1991-03-09 (Austerlitz)
Animal testing, liberation at Harlan-Sprague-Dawley, ALF
– The ALF released around twenty-five beagles from Harlan-Sprague-Dawley. The ALF protests against this, according to them, failing animal testing policy.

1991-04-03 (Leiden)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, WLF
– The “WLF” bombarded the McDonalds in Leiden with paint bombs as a protest against the large-scale killing of animals, the maintaining of hunger, destroying the rainforest and the exploitation of personnel.

1991-08-10 (Wageningen)
Animal testing, sabotage at Centre Small Test Animals, action group unknown
– Some unknown individuals painted slogans at the Centre of Small Test Animals (C.K.P) of the Wageningen Agricultural University (LUW). These would include these slogans: “LUW: 40,000 test animals per year”, “A culture [thus] that fights for prosperity, is mortally ill”, “Behind this wall are the torture chambers of the LUW” and “Students: refuse animal abuse”.

1991-10-16 (Zoetermeer)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, action group unknown
– On World Food Day activists glued locks, painted slogans and thrown paint bombs on McDonalds. They also targeted banks for other purposes.

1991-10-24 (Lisse)
Animal testing, liberation at the laboratory for Bulbs research, ALF
– Once again, the ALF liberated rabbits from the laboratory in Lisse. This time all 9 present rabbits have been taken away. According to the activists, the rabbits are used as a kind of living test tube. Because the laboratory has not stopped after the previous action, all cages have also been “disabled”. The laboratory promised to stop the animal tests.

1991-11-** (Haren)
Animal testing, liberation at Biologisch Centrum, ALF
– A total of 31 kestrels have been liberated by the Animal Liberation Front at the Biological Centre in Haren.

1991-11-24 (Utrecht)
Animal testing, liberation at Hogeschool Utrecht, ALF
– On Sunday evening the Animal Liberation Front liberated 20 rats and 15 mice from the Hogeschool Utrecht, department of laboratory research. Incidentally, another source speaks of 15 rats and 14 mice. The animals would be supplied by laboratory animal breeder Iffacredo. Also, various tools have been “confiscated”, including for example, fixing devices for rabbits. The ALF also took a lot of dead animals.


1992-01-** (Zuidlaren)
Animal testing, liberation from shed of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, action group unknown
– Activists have taken 32 pigeons from a storage shed for experimental animals from the University of Groningen. These pigeons would be used for dizziness research. In the study of the animals, the hearing organ would also be removed with a crooked needle.

1992-03-23 (Utrecht)
Animal testing, sabotage at Instituut voor Ethologie, action group unknown
– At the Institute of Ethology (behavioral science) from the University of Utrecht 20 years of research, as well as a video camera and a photocopy device, were stolen.

1992-05-17 (around Nieuwkoopse and Reeuwijkse Plassen)
Vermit destruction, sabotage of muskrat trap cages, ALF
– The ALF dismantled 16 muskrat trap cages around the Nieuwkoopse and Reeuwijkse Plassen. The action has been carried out in protest against the cruel fishing methods and the smear campaign against the muskrat.

1992-07-04 (Zoetermeer)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, A.B.A.
– In the name “Autonome Barbabennoos”, activists smashed windows on Saturday and planted slogans at the McDonalds in Zoetermeer.

1992-08-14 (Rosmalen)
Fur, liberation at mink farm, action unknown
– Five children at the pony camp found the minks in the farm of the chairman of the NFE (Dutch Federation of Noble Animal Farmers) so sad and pitiful they released 4800 of them. The children got away with a warning and had to promise to never do it again.

1992-09-18 (Rhenen)
Zoo, liberation at Ouwehands Dierenpark, ALF
– Activists of the ALF removed a total of six rats, two chinchillas, two ferrets, a mink and a bat from the Ouwehands Zoo. Part of the fence of the park was destroyed, and there were also nearby slogans against the animal park. The animals would be used in the “Zoo zijn dieren show”. Here the animals would be poorly treated and housing would be too small.

1992-10-23 (Utrecht)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, NVA
– The “Nightly Vegetarian Aktion” pelted the Mc Donalds branch with paint in the center of Utrecht in the context of World Food Day. With this they complain, among other things, about animal suffering as well as food waste, working conditions and similar things.


1993-01-21 (Amsterdam)
Fur, smearing of fur coat, action group unknown
– In the center of Amsterdam, an activist sprayed a fur coat with red paint. Elsewhere in the city there was a protest of the “Union of Autonomous Animal friends” (BAD).

1993-03-17 (Beekbergen)
Fur, sabotage at research centre Spelderholt, ALF
– In the early hours, while the day was an open day for fur breeders at this location, the ALF sprayed slogans and sabotage stock material at Spelderholt.

1993-10-26 (Leiden)
Fur, sabotage at fur shop Van Egmond, action group unknown
– Activists smashed windows of the living room above fur shop Van Egmond. The owner of the fur shop (living above the fur shop) also found the slogan “Fur is animal suffering” on the fence. One speaks of an offensive against the fur business, with “vandalism and threats”. Last Friday, for example, two more men came into the shop who, according to the owner, would break down the shop and the house if the fur sale wasn’t going to stop.

1993-11-01 (Various cities)
Hunting, sabotage of hunting cabins, ALF
– Activists from the Animal Liberation Front neutralized 15 high-seaters for hunters. This took place at the Veluwe and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug in the following cities: Garderen, Otterlo, Lunteren, Elspeet, Ede, Doorn, Leersum, Barneveld. This action was done during Earth Night.

1993-11-03 (Amsterdam)
Animal testing, sabotage at KNAW, A.A.
– “Amnesty for Animals” glued the building of the Scientific Council of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences shut. Slogans have also been sprayed. This is because the KNAW would encourage animal testing.

1993-12-17 (Kiel-Windeweer)
Pigeon racing, arson in hangar, Rode Haan
– As a protest against the many victims of pigeon race competitions (according to the activists many animals die on the long way back home and slow pigeons are killed), action group “Red Rooster” set fire in a shed with trucks that belongs to carrier pigeon breeders.


1994-**-** (Amsterdam)
Fur, sabotage at Frank Govers, action group unknown
– As a well-known pro-fur “campaigner”, Frank Govers’ store windows had been smashed at least 9 times. He now spends a lot of money on extra-secure shutters and other security measures, because his insurance company does no longer want to bear the costs.

1994-04-04 (Nijmegen)
Intensive farming, sabotage at a butcher, E.L.F.
– A butcher’s shop (as well as two garage companies) had a visit from the Earth Liberation Front. The buildings were smeared and the name “ELF” was left behind.

1994-04-05 (Middelharnis)
Intensive farming, sabotage at meat trade Krijgsman, E.L.F.
– The ELF (Earth Liberation Front) has taken over the trucks from meat trade Krijgsman. Twenty truck tires have been slashed. The ELF wants to draw attention to the animal suffering in the meat industry and summons people to stop eating meat.

1994-05-13 (Zoeterwoude)
Intensive farming, sabotage of truck from poultry farm, REL
– The Radicaal Ecologische Lui (REL) pelted a truck from a poultry farm in Zoeterwoude with blue and white paint. “Animal suffering” was chalked on the back of the car.

1994-05-22 (Zoeterwoude)
Intensive farming, sabotage at poultry farm, REL
– Once again, the Radicaal Ecologische Lui (REL) struck at the same poultry farm. This time windows of the canteen have been painted.

1994-10-16 (Leeuwarden)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, C.H.S.
– Activists of Commando Helen Steel (one of the “McLibel” individuals) smashed windows of McDonalds and painted slogans on the walls.


1995-**-** (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, sabotage of meat trucks, action group unknown
– Strangers cut the tires of meat trucks in Amsterdam.

1995-**-** (Den Helder)
Intensive farming, sabotage at butchery Schrieken, action group unknown
– At butchery Schrieken, locks have been glued and various slogans have been sprayed.

1995-01-** (Groningen)
Intensive farming, sabotage of meat trucks, action group unknown
– Tires of meat trucks have been cut in Groningen.

1995-01-29 (Barneveld)
Intensive farming, arson at BPC, Rode Haan
– Six trucks from Van de Pol at the BPC slaughterhouse went up in flames.

1995-01-07 (Den Helder)
Intensive farming, attempted arson at Huizinga Slachthuis, R.A.T.
– Activists of “Right Animal Treatment” (R.A.T.) attempted to start a fire at “Huizinga Slaughterhouse”. The activists did not finish their job, witness the fire bombs, molotov cocktails and flares on location. Slogans were left behind.

1995-02-** (Nijmegen)
Animal testing, arson at construction site, ELF
– The Earth Liberation Front of Nijmegen set fire in a large construction site at the campus on the E. Noyonslaan, where a new laboratory animal center is being built. The slogan “Stop vivisection now!” was also added.

1995-02-13 (Nijmegen)
Animal industry, sabotage at multiple companies, action group unknown
– Both butchers, fur and leather shops, fishmongers and companies that are part of the animal testing sector (and multi-national McDonalds) were tackled by activists. The companies were covered with (in their own words environmentally friendly) paint.

1995-03-29 (Den Helder)
Intensive farming, arson at Nuland slagerij, R.A.T.
– Petrol was injected through the mailbox at the Nuland butcher shop before it was lit.

1995-03-30 (Den Helder)
Intensive farming, arson at meat trade G. Van Dalen, R.A.T.
– A truck from the meat trade of G. van Dalen is lit by the R.A.T.

1995-04-** (Leiden)
Intensive farming, sabotage at multiple companies, action group unknown
– At a butcher’s shop, fish shop and a fur store in the Herenstraat, windows are smashed. At fishmonger Schaap they do not understand the action: “what do we have to do with animal abuse?”.

1995-04-05 (Schagen)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at Easter cattle exhibition, R.A.T.
– The activists of Right Animal Treatment tried to stop the event with a bomb threat at the Easter cattle exhibition.

1995-04-09 (Leiden)
Intensive farming, sabotage at the Witte Prijzenslager, action group unknown
– A brick has been thrown through the shop window of The Witte Prijzenslager at the Leidse Korevaarstraat. The fur store on the Nieuwe Rijn would also have been smeared, but this was not verifiable at the time.

1995-04-15 (Leiden)
Animal testing, liberation at the university of Leiden, F.T.A.
– ”Free the Animals” freed ducks, pigeons, geese and swans from the open air laboratory of Leiden University on the Sterrewachtlaan in protest against the research. The 8 aviaries were cut open. A researcher states the animals are now actually put to death.

1995-04-16 (Leiden)
Animal industry, sabotage at different stores, action group unknown
– At different stores (a butcher shop, fish shop and fur store) the windows are smashed for the second time.

1995-04-18 (Heerhugowaard)
Intensive farming, attempt to arson at Kilzilirmak, R.A.T.
– Activists of the “Right Animal Treatment” attempted to start a fire at the Islamic slaughterhouse Kilzilirmak. The pile of wood, thrown out with petrol, didn’t caught fire. Slogans have been left behind.

1995-04-20 (Leiden)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, action group unknown
– The front of the Mc Donalds branch on the Beestenmarkt is “decorated with paint and stones”. The sidewalk was smeared with paint, as was the light advertising. Two windows were also smashed. All this under the motto: “It’s not McDonalds birthday yet”.

1995-04-27 (Den Helder)
Intensive farming, sabotage at Ingelse, possible R.A.T.
– The Right Animal Treatment has possibly glued the locks to Ingelse butchery. Slogans have also been sprayed.

1995-07-16 (Groningen)
Intensive farming, spray-painting at Groninger Vleescentrale, action group unknown
– According to the “National Security Service” (BVD), there would have been a smearing of trucks from the Groninger Meat Plant. The slogan “Meat is Murder” was left behind.

1995-07-23 (Groningen)
Intensive farming, spray-painting at Groninger Vleescentrale, action group unknown
– According to the National Security Service , spray-paintings have been done at the Groninger Meat Plant. Again, the slogan “Meat is Murder” was left behind.

1995-10-** (Hilversum)
Circus, sabotage at circus Krone, K.H.C.D.
– Around circus Krone in Hilversum, activists from “Komitee Hilversum against circus with animals” painted the text “Circus = Animal Cruelty!“, both in the vicinity of the circus and throughout the city. The activists hope to contribute to the hope that animals will no longer have to perform in the circus.

1995-10-01 (Haarlem)
Intensive farming, attempted arson at Groenveld slaughterhouse, possibly R.A.T.
– An attempt to arson was made at the Groenveld slaughterhouse in Haarlem. Slogans have also been applied.

1995-10-10 (Groningen)
Intensive farming, sabotage at Groninger Vleeshandel, ALF
– For the fourth time, The Groninger Meat Trade on the Gotenburgweg was visited by The Animal Liberation Front. This time 28 truck tires were destroyed.

1995-11-05 (Amstelveen)
Intensive farming, arson at Arends Meat processing, R.A.T.
– Two delivery vans from the Amstelveen Arends Meat processing went up in flames. Slogans were left at the office.

1995-11-24 (Castricum)
Intensive farming, arson at Van der Ham, E.L.F.
– The Earth Liberation Front sends a statement to the world claiming the arson of a car from the Van der Ham meat wholesaler. According to the police, there’s no certainty about the cause yet there.

1995-11-26 (Leiden)
Intensive farming, arson at Van Schaik Slaughterhouse, action group unknown
– A fire would have been established at the Van Schaik slaughterhouse.

1995-12-23 (Oostzaan)
Intensive farming, arson in truck, A.J.F.
– The Animal Justice Front torched a chicken truck.


1996-**-** (Alkmaar)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at Thijs Groot’s meat processing company, VleesVrij
– For the second time, action group Meat Free reported a bomb alert at “Thijs Groot’s meat processing company”.

1996-**-** (Amsterdam)
Circus, sabotage of advertising billboards, A.T.C.D.
– “Amsterdam against circuses with animals” tackled advertising billboards at several circuses that settled down in the city. At circus Paradox the billboards were decorated with the slogan “Circus is Animal Cruelty“. This was also done with circus Darix Togni. Action was also carried out above-ground, for example by distributing pamphlets on which it was stated the show had been canceled due to protests. After the protests, Circus Florilegio decided to stop the performances, and promised to return without animals.

1996-01-21 (Castricumwerf)
Intensive farming, arson at Witbaard Chicken plant, A.J.F.
– The Animal Justice Front caused a fire at the Witbaard Chicken plant in Castricumwerf. One truck was set on fire, but the fire soon overturned, causing the front of the company to be damaged by the fire.

1996-02-05 (Halfweg)
Intensive farming, arson at HotDog King, A.J.F.
– An attempt to set fire on three trucks, which was tried by the Animal Justice Front. This has failed.

1996-02-11 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, sabotage at butcher trade school, A.J.F.
– Again, the A.J.F. came back at a butcher’s school (where an open day was held the next day) to spray slogans like “Meat is murder!” and “Go learn a real profession”. The locks were also glued tightly.

1996-03-** (Leiden)
Circus, sabotage at circus Renz, ALF
– Circus Renz surely have known; the Animal Liberation Front does not agree with animals in the circus. Paint bombs were thrown against parked vehicles and the circus tent, advertising (as on the Willem de Zwijgerlaan) was damaged and a bomb alert came in at the circus. The V&D in the city center was also plastered with “Boycott circus with animals”. The V&D and circus Renz have close ties, where the circus, for example, was advertising for the prize circus of the V&D.

1996-03-** (Rotterdam)
Intensive farming, arson in ice-trucks, A.J.F.
– Four refrigerated trucks were lit by the Animal Justice Front activists. Also a part of the business premises of the company burns out.

1996-03-03 (Forepark)
Intensive farming, arson in truck, action group unknown
– A truck from a meat processing company in Forepark was set on fire. The statement contains the slogan “Meat is Murder”.

1996-03-25 (Amstelveen)
Intensive farming, arson at vehicles, A.J.F.
– The Animal Justice Front set fire in meat trucks.

1996-05-05 (Haarlem)
Intensive farming, sabotage at inter alia B. Postma, R.A.T.
– At meat products factory B. Postma and also two butchers in Haarlem, slogans were sprayed by the Right Animal Treatment. This slogan left nothing to be unclear; “Slaughter is murder”, “Meat is murder” and “Animals free”. There was also a call for freedom for Frank and Eric.

1996-05-11 (Hoogeveen)
Intensive farming, sabotage at Koster, action group unknown
– Covered by the night, strangers at slaughterhouse and sausage factory Koster on the Parmentierstraat plastered the facades with “Meat = Murder”. Locks were sealed with resin and door handles were glued. The damage amounted to thousands of guilders.

1996-06-11 (Rhenen)
Private farming, liberation at restaurant, E.L.F.
– The Earth Liberation Front has released a number of fallow deer at a restaurant in a nature reserve. The animals were kept as attraction for visitors. This action allowed the fallow deer to escape to the Blue House nature development project.

1996-08-17 (Kerkrade)
Intensive farming, sabotage at slaughterhouse and trucks, action group unknown
– Ten trucks from the slaughterhouse were sprayed with red paint at the Molenweg. Also, several tires were slashed. On the Langheckweg, five meat trucks were targeted. The cars were smeared, the diesel engines were put out of operation by pouring sugar in them and insulation foam was sprayed into the tailpipes.

1996-09-08 (Kootwijkerbroek)
Intensive farming, arson at G. Van de Pol, action group unknown
– Individuals destroyed four trailers, four truck combinations and a tractor of poultry transport company G. van de Pol by fire. Other vehicles were badly damaged.

1996-09-09 (Putten)
Intensive farming, arson at slaughterhouse BPC, action group unknown
– Meat trucks belonging to poultry slaughterhouse BPC on the Voorthuizerstraat burned out completely. In total, 5 trucks with trailers and three trailers were damaged. Four truck combinations suffered damage.

1996-10-** (Nijmegen)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, E.L.F.
– The Earth Liberation Front sealed locks of McDonalds in October. It concerns the branches at the Molenstraat and Broerstraat. This action took place a few days after the windows had already been smashed.

1996-10-** (Nijmegen)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, E.L.F.
– At the location of McDonalds on the Molenstraat, as well as on the Broerstraat, windows were smashed.

1996-10-28 (Sittard)
Intensive farming, arson at slaughterhouse, action group unknown
– A total of three refrigerated trucks from the Sittard/Geleen slaughterhouse burned down.

1996-11-01 (Nijmegen)
Animal testing, arson at Radboud, E.L.F.
– The announcement board for the new animal testing center in Nijmegen has been set on fire by the Earth Liberation Front. The activists call the action a purely symbolic act, where they hope to draw attention on animal experiments.

1996-11-10 (Nijmegen)
Animal testing, arson at Radboud, E.L.F.
– Under the motto of “Dry weather: action weather!” activists again set the announcement board for the new animal testing center on fire.


1997-**-** (Various cities)
Fur, sabotage at fur shops, action group unknown
– An employee of the Dutch Fur Institute (the Dutch Fur Institute sees itself as “umbrella organization of the fur industry”) notes that the Bödecker branch on the Weissenbruchtstraat (The Hague), as well as Van der Elsken on the Singel (Amsterdam), Bontcouture on the Heiligeweg (Amsterdam) and Van der Elsken on the Singel (also Amsterdam) received a visit from an action group that is characterized by glueing locks after they first hammered a nail into it. They leave a red sticker with the text “Animal Rights Now”.

1997-01-25 (Ven-Zelderheide)
Fur, sabotage at mink farm Raymakers, action group unknown
– Activists destroyed about 2000 cages.

1997-05-** (Amsterdam)
Zoo, graffiti against Artis, V.S.D.
– Action group “For the Closure of Animal Prisons” around Artis has added the text “Artis = Animal Cruelty!“. The action group hopes to make visitors think, and has chosen this time to take action because of the announced “Lion Day” on 25 May, organized by Postbank.

1997-06-23 (Boxtel)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at Dumeco, action group unknown
– Through a bomb threat, activists ensured that the activities at Dumeco has been shut down for some time. The (approximately) 300 employees had to wait until the Bomb Squad was sure that nothing was present before they could continue their work.

1997-07-25 (Amsterdam)
Circus, graffiti against circus Renz, A.T.C.D.
– They call themselves “Amsterdam Against Circuses with Animals” and on 5 July they let themselves be heard by putting the text “Circus is animal suffering” on to the signs of circus Renz. The activists also stated: “Many signs seem to have been taken away by fellow activists. On some signs the text ‘Canceled’ was also applied.”

1997-07-23 (Rotterdam)
Fur, sabotage at store, action group unknown
– On July 23 there would have been a destruction at a fur/leather trade in Rotterdam. The BvD suspects that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals) is behind the action.

1997-08-11 (Nijmegen)
Animal testing, vandalizing at the university, action group unknown
– Activists in Nijmegen struck the university’s animal testing center in protest against the animal experiments that take place there.

1997-10-09 (Zuilichem)
Intensive farming, action at sheep farmer, ALF
– According to the National Security Service (now “AIVD”) a confrontation took place between sheep farmers and activists from the Animal Liberation Front. This does not appear to be the ALF but “Aktion Kirche und Tiere”.

1997-10-12 (Sittard)
Supermarket, spray-painting at Edah, action group unknown
– At the Edah in Sittard activists have left the slogan “Meat is Murder”, apparently to protest against the sale of meat at this supermarket.

1997-10-19 (Amersfoort)
Intensive farming, attempt to sabotage at McDonalds, action group unknown
– It was intended that locks of the McDonalds of a settlement on the inner city would be glued. A press release had already been sent out about this, but the activists had to cancel the retreat because it was too crowded at the location. However, the activists put stickers in various places against McDonalds.

1997-10-22 (Rotterdam)
Fur, sabotage at fur stores, action group unknown
– Again, nails have been hammered into locks at various stores and then filled with superglue. The red sticker with “Animal Rights Now” was also left behind, so that any ambiguity about the motives is immediately removed. The stores are listed on an advertisement from the Dutch Fur Institute, under the heading “Fur, more than fashion”. For example, it would be “Dijksman” on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, “Murris” on the Kleiweg and “Volkovic” on the Dorpsweg.

1997-10-31 (Nuth)
Intensive farming, spray-painting along the highway, action group unknown
– The noise barriers at the A-76 in Nuth is greatly colored by slogans against eating meat. Whether or not a specific action group has been behind this, is not known.

1997-11-14 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– In protest against the animal-unfriendly policy of McDonalds, a bomb threat was issued at a branch in Amsterdam.

1997-11-30 (Hoogeveen)
Intensive farming, spray-painting at several companies
– At several companies in Hoogeveen which are doing business in the meat industry, smearing have taken place. Among other things, the slogan “Meat is Murder” is left behind.

1997-11-30 (Druten)
Intensive farming, spray-painting at meat processing company Hendrix, action group unknown
– At meat processing company Hendrix, activists painted slogans to make a statement against eating meat.


1998-01-04 (Barneveld)
Intensive farming, arson at BPC, Red Rooster
– A good start for ’98, that is how action group “Red Rooster“ calls the fire they created. It caused about 4 million guilders of damage. In this fire, 9 trucks and a trailer went up in flames. All this happened at poultry slaughterhouse BPC, which for the third time had to deal with a fierce arson.

1998-01-09 (Hoogeveen)
Intensive farming, arson at butcher Wildeboer, J.V.
– The “Young Vegetarians” set fire to the butcher Wildeboer in protest against animal suffering.

1998-01-12 (Cuijk)
Intensive farming, spray-painting at meat companies action group unknown
– Spray cans filled with tectyl were used by activists to spray slogans on signs, walls and similar locations at meat companies (as Hencu and Homburg poultry farms). Such slogans were also sprayed in the bicycle tunnel near Vianen.

1998-01-18 (Hardenberg)
Hunting, arson at hunters’ association Almelo, action group unknown
– The new clubhouse of the hunters’ association in Almelo is burned down. They rented this newly renovated building from Staatsbosbeheer. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of guilders. Although no action group has claimed it for the time being, it seems quite clear that activists are the ones who started the arson.

1998-03-23 (Various cities)
Several targets, sabotage at battery farm en mink farm, action group unknown
– Activists struck on one night in Oirlo and Meerlo (close to each other, therefore assumable that they are the same activists). One battery farm was targeted in Oirlo; pallets with a total of 200,000 eggs were pushed over and processed with a fire extinguisher and paint. A conveyor belt was cut in several places and electrical equipment was damaged. In Meerlo, empty cages were destroyed during a mink farm to avoid re-use.

1998-04-16 (Leiden)
Intensive farming, destruction McDonalds, action group unknown
– Damage was caused (as a result of the Animal Rights Gathering in Eurodusnie in Leiden) during a storming into McDonalds.

1998-07-30 (Geleen)
Intensive farming, smearing on a wall, action group unknown
– On the wall of a furniture store, slogans were left against eating meat. Among other things, the slogan “Meat is Murder” was left behind.

1998-08-08 (Maastricht)
Animal testing, sabotage at an unknown company, action group unknown
– Activists destroyed company cars in the context of animal activism. It is unknown where this has taken place exactly and with what specific purpose.

1998-09-25 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– Activists carried out a bomb threat at an Amsterdam branch of the fast food chain McDonalds.

1998-10-** (Dedemsvaart)
Intensive farming, arson at poultry farm Plucon, action group unknown
– Activists attempted to set fire to the trucks of poultry farm Plucon in Dedemsvaart.

1998-10-04 (Watergraafsmeer)
Intensive farming, arson at Fontein meat- and meat products, action group unknown
– At Fontein meat and meat products, on the Galileeplantsoen, four vans were set on fire. All four vehicles were completely destroyed.

1998-10-27 (Breda)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, ALF
– Activists carry out a bomb alert at a McDonalds in Breda. With this action, the activists wanted to achieve that McDonalds would be evacuated and that a considerable damage would be built up. According to the BvD, the ALF is behind this.

1998-10-28 (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, arson in trucks, action group unknown
– Three meat trucks burned out entirely because of arson.

1998-10-30 (Breda)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, ALF
– The Animal Liberation Front claims the responsibility for a bomb alert at a McDonalds branch in Breda. McDonalds and surrounding stores were closed and bus traffic was diverted. Eventually the “bomb” was found, a box of stones and a piece of iron in it. This resulted in a significant damage for McDonalds.

1998-11-01 (Cuijk)
Intensive farming, smearing at poultry processing company Hence, action group unknown
– At the poultry processing company Hencu, activists smeared slogans to express their dissatisfaction with the cases of Hencu.

1998-11-17 (Eindhoven)
Intensive farming, spray-painting at McDonalds, ALF
– At the Demer in Eindhoven, employees had to discover that the Animal Liberation Front sprayed the text “Meat is Murder” and “ALF forever” over the surface of the side windows.


1999-**-** (Groningen)
Fur, Bomb threat at van Heusden, ALF
– In 1999, the Animal Liberation Front smashed the windows four times in a row at van Heusden. Also, a bomb threat was made. This store sells fur and the ALF agitates against it.

1999-01-02 (Various cities)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, RAIA
– The “Radical Anti Imperialist Action” acted in solidarity with the ALF suspects arrested in Belgium and the Earth Liberation Front at several McDonald’s locations. This was done by an English speaking woman, who phoned 5 branches to report that a bomb had been placed. These were branch offices in Waardenburg, The Hague, Groningen, Zeist and Best. The branches had to be cleared for a few hours. Nothing was found.

1999-01-02 (Breda)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, ALF
– On this day, a bomb threat arrived at a McDonalds branch in Breda.

1999-01-05 (Rotterdam)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, E.L.F.
– The Earth Liberation Front makes an appearance by sending a bomb threat to a McDonalds branch. This concerns the branch on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. The branch had to be evacuated, but in the end no bomb was found.

1999-01-06 (Eindhoven)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– At a McDonalds branch in Eindhoven a suspicious package was left on the toilet. McDonalds and part of the inner city were evacuated, which caused a considerable damage to McDonalds.

1999-01-06 (Helmond)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– A bomb threat was also sent to a branch of McDonalds in Helmond. The new form of action gives McDonalds a lot of damage because every store needs to be evacuated.

1999-01-06 (Various cities)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– Activists reported a bomb at a McDonalds branch in South Holland. McDonalds was, as it were, forced to evacuate 9 branches (12 according to other reports). No bomb was found.

1999-01-07 (Venlo)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– Another bomb alarm was made at McDonalds; this time in Venlo.

1999-01-07 (Venray)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– Also in Venray a bomb threat was reported on 7 January at a branch of McDonalds.

1999-01-08 (Emmen)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– A bomb threat was done by activists in Emmen. This again at a branch of McDonalds.

1999-01-09 (Geleen)
Intensive farming, arson at McDonalds, Red Rooster
– The Red Rooster claims responsibility for the attempted arson at McDonalds in Geleen.

1999-01-10 (Geleen)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– According to the National Security Service, the day after the arson, a bomb threat was sent to McDonalds in Geleen.

1999-01-17 (Almelo)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at McDonalds, action group unknown
– Activists claim another bomb threat at McDonalds.

1999-01-28 (Maastricht)
Animal testing, preparation for action at the University of Maastricht, action group unknown
– According to the National Security Service, activists may have prepared an action against the central laboratory facility at the University of Maastricht. Details of the action are unknown.

1999-02-21 (Amsterdam)
Animal testing, arson at the University, action group unknown
– A fire has been set at the university in Amsterdam. The National Security Service suspects that the Animal Liberation Front is behind the action.

1999-03-02 (Meijel)
Fur, liberation at mink farm, action group unknown
– At the mink farm of Ronnie Emonds around 400 cages were opened, so about 4000 minks had their chance for freedom.

1999-04-08 (Putten)
Fur, liberation at Goeka Minkfarming BV, B.H.B.
– A few weeks after 40 cages were opened at Goeka Pelsfarming BV, the activists of the “Barry Horne Brigade” have returned, and this time 500 cages have been opened. The activists indicate that they know that not every animal will survive, but at least they have a chance, and others will make it.

1999-05-17 (Nootdorp)
Fur, liberation at mink farm Ter Lande, action group unknown
– Strangers released about 3000 minks in the breeding farm of A. de Hollander. Part of the minks managed to get out of the terrain.

1999-06-12 (Bodegraven)
Intensive farming, arson at Domburg BV, T.H.C.
– The Tony Humphries Commando of the Animal Liberation Front burned down five trucks at Domburg Meat BV. A container with cleaning items also went up in flames. Four of the trucks were filled with a total of 80 tons of meat.

1999-07-04 (Dedemsvaart)
Intensive farming, arson at Plukon, Red Rooster
– The Red Rooster reports: “as long as the violence against defenseless animals continues, the Rooster will continue the battle”. With this, the action group claims the arson at Plukon, the chicken processing company in Dedemsvaart. The fire caused considerable damage because a storage warehouse and four trucks caught fire.

1999-07-12 (Ermelo)
Intensive farming, arson at Brinky Poultry Trading, ALF
– At an attack on Brinky Poultry Trading, the company burned down. The processor of poultry meat temporarily moved to a smaller business premises at the Herderlaan.

1999-08-17 (Utrecht)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, V.G.
– The “United Groups” claims the be responsible for the sabotage at McDonalds. This group has smeared the front and smashed windows of the branch.

1999-08-27 (Zwammerdam)
Fur, liberation at mink farm Verboom, C.R.D.
– Commando Roberto Duria (named after an activist who is doing time because of a mink liberation) from the Animal Liberation Front claims the iberation at Verboom’s mink farm in Zwammerdam. The activists declare to have removed part of the fence, and then gave some 4,000 animals a chance of freedom.

1999-09-11 (Barchem)
Fur, liberation at mink farm Hissink, action group unknown
– Activists opened cages of about 8000 minks. According to them, there are about 14,000 minks in the company at that time. It seems like a professional approach with a tight plan.

1999-09-25 (Amsterdam)
Fur, sabotage at fur store, ALF
At a fur shop on the Singel 298/298a, according to the Regional Intelligence Service, activists have glued the locks and the front facade (as well as the door) was smeared with paint. Slogans such as “Fur = Murder”, “DBF (ALF)“ and “CKS” have been applied with a “black substance”.

1999-10-** (Amsterdam)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, action group unknown
– Somewhere in October, windows were smashed at Mc Donalds. Two weeks later, in a legal action against McDonalds, the police tries to pry information about this sabotage action.

1999-10-16 (Hoorn)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, ALF
– The Animal Liberation Front decorates the city center of Hoorn with various slogans against McDonalds. The activists also demand the freedom of all ALF prisoners.

1999-10-17 (Leiden)
Intensive farming, sabotage at McDonalds, action group unknown
– On two occasions, on one evening, strangers tried to take the Ronald McDonalds doll. The doll turned out to be firmly anchored, and even a crowbar brought no solution. There is a big suspicion that this was the work of activists.

1999-11-09 (Utrecht)
Intensive farming, bomb threat at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, ALF
– The Animal Liberation Front has made a bomb threat at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, where a trade fair for intensive farming took place. Because there was only 10 minutes between the assessment of the bomb threat and the set time of explosion (11:00), no evacuation took place.

1999-11-14 (Milheeze)
Fur, arson at Voedercentrale Milheeze BV, ALF
– The Animal Liberation Front (although the slogan “Mink Man Militia” was found) set fire to the Milheeze BV Feeding Station. This company supplies food to mink farms. This action seems, because of the encountered slogan, to be in solidarity with the “Mink Man”, Justin, who is currently in the cell for his actions against mink farming.

1999-12-21 (Zaandam)
Intensive farming, sabotage at Albert Heijn, E.L.F.
– Earth Liberation Front members delivered a Christmas package for Ahold. In 5 branches poisonous chickens would be planted on 23 December. Albert Heijn checks all packaging for holes.